In chiropractic, you will find the way to optimize the function of your spine and improve your life quality.
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Just Quiropractic

We are a chiropractic team ready to assist you with professionalism and to help you improve your health.
We are in Esplugues de Llobregat and Hospitalet de Llobregat.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic naturally get rid of pain and boost performance. The body is intelligente and can heal by itself. From this idea, chiropractic has evolved as an art, a philosophy and a science.

It’s time to improve my health!

What our patients say about us?

For 4 years I suffered from anxiety and many cervical and lumbar pain. Jordi does wonders!! It works according to the imbalance that the spine has, worrying about the well-being of the person. My health has improved remarkably. The assistant, Gemma, is a great professional, very efficient in everything and always with a smile that makes your stay in this center very pleasant. This center is 100% recommended. Jordi, Gemma, thank you so much for everything!!

Aliona Lefter


You can always rate a service with more stars, in this case no, because there are no more than five. I'll tell you about the kindness of the people who make this team. But what would it serve all the kindness if I haven’t had results? I only regret not to know Just Quiropractic before.

José Ignacio Gómez


Excellent treatment and results. From the first consultation I felt a notable improvement, not only physically but also emotionally. I'm already in my seventh session and the change is impressive. The service is very professional and inspires trust. I recommend it without hesitation. There is nothing like improving health in an integrated way.

Carmen Carrasquel


Excellent professional, I totally recommend him, incredible, it changes your life!!!

Belén Lareo


Very happy with the result. I have received very good attention from Jordi and the girls at the reception. I would definitely recommend it.

Paqui Chacón