How to begin the Chiropractic Care?

To begin the chiropractic care, firstly we have to assess your spine status. This evaluation will be made during the First Visit.

The First Chiropractic Visit

The first visit is an initial evaluation in which the chiropractor inspect the condition of your spine. This First Visit include the following:

  • Clinic history of the patient; in case of having previous diagnostic tests as radiographs, magnetic resonances or others, it is preferable that you bring them.
  • Posture assessment and body balance.
  • Spine assessment.
  • First vertebral adjustment.
  • First visit results

After the First Visit, the chiropractor will determine the treatment to be followed.

First Visit Form Request

Chiropractic Phases

Chiropractic care has different phases. The state of your health will influence which phase to start. The regular start, corresponds to people who have symptoms or discomfort. Preventive start corresponds to people who want to look over their health status through chiropractic.

Depending on each person, their health history or discomfort, chiropractic care may begin in the relief phase or in the corrective phase:

Relief Phase

It is the start of treatment where adjustments are most frequently required. Most people will feel progressive improvement from day one. A few others will feel nothing or perhaps feel overwhelmed before experiencing relief. This due to the adaptability of each person.

Corrective Phase

You feel better now, and the pain or discomfort that led you to seek help may have disappeared. At this stage, the cause of the problem is addressed, the origin of which can be physical, psychological, chemical stress, or a combination of all three.

At this point you must choose between following the treatment to maintain and optimize your health or abandoning care and risking a relapse.

Wellness o Maintenance Phase

This is the moment that will allow you to enjoy optimal health. Well-being must be maintained, as we are always under stress, may it be it physical, emotional or chemical. Regular chiropractic care will help you live to your full potential.