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The purpose of chiropractic is to maximize the expression of your health, allowing your body's innate intelligence to be 100% enhanced.
Chiropractic is based in a simple premise: when the spine column and the nervous system works at 100%, the body can heal itself.

If the spine column is out of alignment, the right connection between the nervous system and the rest of the body can also be affected. Consequently, the correct function would be compromise.

Due to several factors, as emotional, chemical or physical stress, our vertebras might get misaligned, causing interferences. In chiropractic, this is known as subluxations which can obstruct the normal functioning of the nervous system preventing the body from working at its maximum potential.

Through simples, safe and effective manual adjustments on the spine, the chiropractor relieve the subluxations and the possible interferences, optimizing the vertebral mobility and the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Chiropractic excludes the use of medicines or surgeries in its treatments and it is a conservative model of health that makes the body work to its maximum potential using its innate intelligence.

The power that creates de body heals the body.

Chiropractic Benefits

While many people associate chiropractic treatment only with neck and back pain, it is very important to know that chiropractic not only helps in this type of pain but also in general health:


The main role of your immune system is to protect and fight against infectious organisms and prevent them from entering into your body, that is why it is so important to keep it strong to maintain your health.

The immune system or nervous system is directly connected to your spine and therefore when your spine is not aligned, it can affect your system and consequently, lose its function.


There are many signs of an incorrect position, some cause pain and even others cause muscle tension. Poor posture can increase the effects of depression, affect your digestive system, and even increase stress.

Through Chiropractic care you will be able to correct and maintain a correct position. In addition, your chiropractor will recommend you exercises to maintain a proper position in your daily live.


A misaligned spine can cause many symptoms. Regardless of the symptom, when there is a misalignment your central nervous system is affected and therefore fatigue is common.

When your spine is aligned through chiropractic adjustments, not only will the discomfort you may have be alleviated, but your energy will increase, and this happens because your central nervous system drives you to have a healthy body.


There are different types of stress: physical, emotional, chemical and electromagnetic. And, it is when we face stressful situations that our spine is affected, interfering with the proper functioning of the nervous system.

It is true that we cannot eliminate stress from our lives, however, we can work to minimize its impact. Chiropractic care helps you identify body interference, reducing and even eliminating stress.

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What are subluxations?

A vertebral subluxation is when one or more vertebras lose their regular position and create an interference in the nervous system. The subluxations are due to different kinds of stress:

  1. Physicals, as falls, accidents, bad postures, etc.
  2. Chemicals, as pollution, medicines, alcohol, tobacco, food preservatives or additives.
  3. Emotional, as personal problems, working problems, etc.
  4. Electromagnetic, as radiations of electric devices, wifi, mobiles, synthetic fabrics, etc.

The subluxations can manifest with a wide range of symptoms such as headaches, back pain, dizziness, sciatica, muscular tension, migraines, scoliosis, fatigue, tiredness, etc. Subluxations can be like a bad habit: The more time you have them, more efforts will be required to correct them.

Same as dental caries, which often have no symptoms, the same can happen with subluxations. Therefore, we should not wait for the symptoms to manifest to go to the chiropractor. The best way of having a good health is prevention.

Chiropractors are the only professionals in health trained to identify and treat spine subluxations. They use chiropractic adjustments as a delicate, safe and effective way to provide a better alignment, functionality and movement for the spine to reduce the vertebral subluxations effects. By doing that, your spine, your nervous system and your body improve their operation.

How to begin the chiropractic care?

To begin the chiropractic care, firstly we have to assess your spine status. This evaluation will be made during the First Visit. After the First Visit, the chiropractor will determine the treatment to be followed.